Macros for THE FINALS

Professional format macros for THE FINALS will impress you no matter what macro format you use! Lua for Logitech, AMC for A4Tech or XML for Razer – each format uses the maximum capabilities available to it!

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

If for some reason one of the sites does not work or payment methods do not work, then the other will certainly work. Updates and support are provided at both sites.

We are not on any other platforms except these. Beware of scammers and fakes!

List of macros:

THE FINALS settings for macros

Sensitivity settings
Field of view settings

Macro format

A4Tech Bloody and X7

For A4Tech mouses, the *.amc format is universal and allows you to easily load our macros into an A4Tech X7 mouse through the Oscar program or into an A4Tech Bloody mouse through the Bloody 7 program.

LKM – macros are designed for A4Tech X7 mice on which you cannot load macros on the left mouse button. Load such a macro on button 7, then press button 7 once and hold LMB – the macro works, pressing button 7 again will disable the macro on LMB and vice versa.

RL (Right Left) – versions of macros that work only when you press and hold RMB + LMB, that is, only in aiming mode. The macros themselves are loaded on the LMB as usual. Such macros free up the left mouse button for all other actions and allow you to use macros with great comfort.

Logitech G (G HUB)

G Pack Macro Format

The G Pack format for Logitech G mice is a Lua macro program loaded into the Logitech G HUB that contains all the macros, a system for switching them and, depending on the version, some additional functionality, all in one file!

The proprietary macro switching system in G Pack works flawlessly and allows you to switch between macros on the fly using keyboard and mouse key combinations!

Managing G Pack Features

Each G Pack of the latest version includes a detailed table of macro and function switching. You can use it directly from the G HUB script window or simply download it as an image.

At the moment, our G Pack format is the best version of macros for Logitech G mice that uses all the available functionality of the Lua language.

Premium versions of Logitech macros

Premium versions of Logitech macros for THE FINALS differ in their operating algorithms and due to this, in addition to quick response and overall high speed, they have additional functionality.

Supports Logitech G-button keyboards

If you have a Logitech keyboard with G buttons supported by the Logitech G HUB software, you can reassign any macro combinations to these buttons, i.e. you have the additional ability to assign up to 12 shortcuts to the G buttons (F1 to F12) of your keyboard.

Switching macros via G buttons of Logitech keyboards

In this example, macros for AKM are activated when the G1 (F1) button is pressed, and for FCAR when the G2 (F2) button is pressed, etc. All buttons whose values are zero are still activated through standard combinations.

You can change the values of G buttons through any text editor (don’t forget to save the changes), or directly in the G HUB script window (you need to restart the script after any changes).

When you assign a G button, the default combo for that weapon will stop working until you reset it to zero.

Working macros in inversion mode

If you play with mouse inversion, then you can also use all the macro functionality without any problems. To activate the inversion mode, just set the value of the parameter INVERSION = true.

Activating inversion mode for macros

Razer (Synapse 3)

Our macros for RAZER mice in *.xml format are suitable for all mice using Razer Synapse 3 software with the macro module installed.

DPI and overall mouse sensitivity

If the mouse sensitivity seems too high or, on the contrary, too low for you, you can increase or decrease the DPI on the mouse itself; this will not affect the operation of macros.

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