• Recoil models based on proprietary mathematical algorithm.
  • Software calculation and macro conversion exclude any errors.
  • Our macros are the best possible macros to the limit.
  • We are always ready to publicly compare the quality of our macros with any other known “projects” and prove our superiority both in theory and in practice.
  • Our support is kind and helpful (almost always), with a beard and a deer sweater.

There are a lot of types of macros, but all of them are needed to automate a certain sequence of actions. We specialize in macros for shooters that allow you to control the recoil in games as effectively as possible.

If you have an A4Tech Bloody, A4Tech X7, Logitech G, or Razer mouse, then you’ve come to the right place. For most other mice, full-fledged macros are not possible.

The “Promacro Scripts” project is already a guarantee of quality and reliability for many gamers. If you have come to one of the sites of our project for the first time, then be sure that you are in good hands. Welcome!

Indeed, we do not have many macros, as we monitor the quality of each of them. Recently, we have automated all possible algorithms, including the algorithm for creating professional macros. You can leave a request for a game or program for which you would like to see macros on our site – just write about it in our VK group.

Do you have a specific question that you haven’t found the answer to on our website? Any difficulties associated with the choice of macros, their installation or the choice of a mouse for macros? Welcome to promacro.ru support service! Available for you: the VK group and email: support@promacro.ru.