• Macros based on own mathematical algorithm.
  • Almost always a good support. Lots of useful content.
  • Continuous development.
  • One of the oldest projects on the Internet.

There are a lot of types of macros, but all of them are needed to automate a certain sequence of actions. We specialize in macros for shooters that allow you to control the recoil in games as effectively as possible.

If you have an A4Tech Bloody, A4Tech X7 or Logitech G series mouse, then we have their own “native” macro formats for them. For most other mice, full-fledged macros are not possible, but we have our own application that can be used with any mouse. As soon as testing is over, it will be available on the site. Follow the news in the VK group.

Any good macros for shooters are always written for certain settings, but fortunately you can adjust the final sensitivity in the game simply by changing the DPI of the mouse in the direction you need, because. macros will not be affected.

Indeed, we do not have many macros, as we monitor the quality of each of them. Recently, we have automated all possible algorithms, including the algorithm for creating professional macros. You can leave a request for a game or program for which you would like to see macros on our site – just write about it in our VK group.

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