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Before we begin, if you are still not very familiar with what mouse macros and scripts are in general, and how they work and which ones we are, we strongly recommend that you first read our article – What is a macro?

In this article I will tell you, in my opinion, about the best macro software.

Macros software on mouse from A4Tech (for mouse of the Bloody series and X7).

At the moment, a4tech is a leader in mouse creation with the support of the most advanced macros. All mouse from a4tech can be divided by the type of programs used into two groups:

  1. Mouse using the Bloody program. (Bloody 6 is the latest version of the program at the time of this writing).
  2. Mouse using the program Oscar and its variants. (OscarLite, 5-Mode Oscar Editor, Oscar Mouse Editor, Anti-Vibrate Oscar Editor, Oscar Mouse Editor).
In the first case, if you have a mouse from the Bloody series – V3M, V4M, V5M, V8M, V7M, T50, T60, T70, N50, A60, A70, A90, A91, R30, R70, R80, RT50, RT70, ML160, ZL50, TL50, TL60, TL70, TL80, TL90, AL90, P81, P85, P93, and so on. then you need to download the latest official version of Bloody, and after installation you will be able to download and edit macros using it.
Bloody6 - UltraCore4
Macros software on mouse from a4tech - Bloody 6

In the second case, you need to download the correct version of the Oscar program. If you have one of these mouse: X-710K, X-710BK (X-7120), X-718BK, X-730K, X-740K, XL-750K, XL-740K, XL-730K, X-738K, X -748K, XL-750BK or X-705K, then download Oscar Mouse Editor – 7 Keys Software, if X-755BK or XL-755BK, then download Oscar Mouse Editor – 10 Keys Software, if you have a mouse: X-760H, X -710BH, XL-760H, XL-750BH or XL-747H then, download Anti-Vibrate Oscar Editor – 7 Keys Software, if you have a mouse F2, F3, F4, F5 or F7, then swing 5-Mode Oscar – 7 Keys SoftwareEditor for F6 – 5-Mode Oscar – 10 Keys SoftwareEditor.

Oscar X7
Macros software on the mouse from a4tech X7 - Oscar

You can download all these programs and see a more complete list for a4tech X7 mouse on this page of the official site –

Macros software on an ordinary mouse.

When we say “to a normal mouse,” we mean any other mouse, except for the mouse from a4tech, about which we spoke above. Why is that? It’s very simple, all other gaming mouse, as well as programs for these mouse, be it a mouse from Razer or SteelSeries or Zowie, or any other, do not support complex macros with changing the position of the mouse pointer. The maximum that programs of these mouse are capable of is the simplest actions, such as clicking on the mouse buttons with exposed delays.

Therefore, to use macros on ordinary (and indeed any) mouse, use special programs that simulate mouse actions programmatically, such as Macros Effects and AutoHotKey.

Macros Effects.

Macros Effects – perhaps the most popular program for macros on a regular mouse. In terms of syntax, the program is written identically with the Oscar program. Therefore, macros written for X7 mouse work just as well in this program.

Download Macros Effects you can on the website of the author of this program

Program for macros on a regular mouse - Macros Effects
Program for macros on a regular mouse - Macros Effects


If Macros Effects meets you with a friendly, understandable, and most importantly simple interface, then this is not exactly AutoHotkey. The program AutoHotkey is designed for a wider range of tasks, rather than just using macros for mouse. With its help, you can create scripts for all connected devices, but due to its complexity for beginners to learn, since the entire interface of the program is reduced to editing in a notebook, etc. programs and the fact that the author of the program probably stopped its support, let’s leave this topic for a separate article.

Download AutoHotkey from the official site –

The program for macros on any mouse - AutoHotkey.
The program for macros on any mouse - AutoHotkey. Standard script file and welcome window.


All these programs have their pros and cons, including, some of them can lead you to the BAN, which we wrote about in detail in this article – Is it banned for macros? If you are faced with a choice and do not know which way to choose, the best option would be to use a bloody a4tech mouse together with the company’s bloody 6 program, because:

  • the macro performs the mouse itself, and not third-party programs for which you can get a ban.
  • It is possible to set a macro on any mouse button.
  • more advanced program compared to the X7 Oscar.
  • Bloody is updated regularly, improving with every update.
  • the components of the bloody mouse themselves are constantly improving, in the latest models there are PixArt PMW3325 sensors, and the new microswitches withstand up to 20 million clicks.

In any case, the choice is yours!

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