Macros for RUST

Especially for the new recoil in RUST, we have prepared not only a separate calculation algorithm for all macros, but also a special calibration system for each of them, as a result, you get the minimum recoil, no matter which pack or macro format you choose!

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

If for some reason one of the sites does not work or payment methods do not work, then the other will certainly work. Updates and support are provided at both sites.

Macro format for Logitech G mice

You don’t have to upload the macros to the Logitech G HUB individually, because the G Pack format for Logitech G mice is a macro program containing all the macros in one file with its own mode switching and macro activation system!

All macros support different types of sights, an extended magazine and any other modules that do not affect the rate of fire or recoil!

Community G Pack PREMIUM

List of weapons in the pack

Activation and operating modes of macros

  • CAPSLOCK – global enable / disable macros, if CapsLock is enabled, then when you press RMB + LMB or Left CTRL + RMB + LMB, the active macro will work and vice versa.
  • SCROLLLOCK – global enable/disable additional features such as SILENCER DUCK, etc.
  • RMB + LMB – start shooting with an active macro from a standing position.
  • Left CTRL + RMB + LMB – start shooting with an active macro from a sitting position.
  • Right ALT + RMB – activation of the macro mode with a front sight (default).
  • Right CTRL + RMB – activation of the macro mode with a simple homemade sight.
  • Right SHIFT + RMB – activation of the macro mode with a holographic sight.
RUST G Pack Community PREMIUM in G HUB
RUST G Pack Community PREMIUM


List of weapons in the pack

Activation and operating modes of macros

MAX G Pack uses the same switching system as the Community G Pack, and in addition has a number of additional features:

  • Right ALT + Clicking on the mouse wheel – activation of the M39 rifle mode with an 8X scope
  • Right CTRL + Clicking on the mouse wheel – activation of the M39 rifle mode with a 16X scope.
  • Mouse button 4 – SILENCER DUCK fast silent movement mode, can be used together with the SHIFT key.

Management of PREMIUM functions

Supports Logitech G-button keyboards

If you have a Logitech keyboard with G buttons supported by the Logitech G HUB software, you can change the G button values in the range from 1 to 12 according to the number and number of G buttons on your keyboard.

Using a Logitech keyboard in macros
Assigning macros to the G buttons of the Logitech keyboard

In the screenshot above, the standard shortcuts for activating some macros and sights have been replaced with the G buttons on the Logitech keyboard. As you can see, the value of the AK47_G_Button variable has been changed to “1“, and for the holographic sight to “10“, this means that the macro for AK47 will now be activated when pressing the G1 button on the Logitech keyboard, and the holographic sight when pressing the G10 button, respectively.

Now, based on the screenshot above, tell me which G button needs to be pressed to activate the Thompson assault rifle? What about a homemade sight? You see, it’s simple, you just need to change the value to the desired button, reload the macro and after that the macro will activate exactly the G button that you set.

If you need to return the standard combination to activate a particular macro, then simply change the values for the G button of this macro to “0”.

Player position when shooting with macros

By default, the macros work and adjust for all shooting positions, but if you need, you can make the macros work only in crouch mode.

CTRL mode activation

Change the OFF_ON_CTRL_MODE variable to “true” and reload the macro. Now all weapons will fire with macros only in a sitting position.

Global activation of macros and additional modes

  • OFF_ON_MACROS_KEY = “capslock” – global macro activation function that affects all weapons. If “CapsLock” is turned off on your keyboard, then no weapon macros will run and vice versa. This is convenient if you need to turn macros off or on with one click of a button.
  • OFF_ON_FUNCTIONS = “scrolllock” – the same as the function above, but only affects additional functions. Silencer Duck feature.
  • AUTO_MODE_KEY = “lalt” – left ALT button, when pressed, for the entire semi-automatic mode, the automatic shooting mode is activated for the entire time this button is held.

All OFF_ON_XXX functions associated with the Lock state of the buttons can be freely changed to “numlock“, “scrolllock” or “capslock“. AUTO_MODE_KEY is best left untouched, since the left ALT is the best possible button for this function.

Remapping Mouse Buttons

The mouse buttons used in the default macro toggle combinations can be changed, this is especially true for mice with a large number of buttons.

Additional functions in macros for RUST
Default buttons

By changing the value of the mouseButtonTwo variable from the value “3”, for example, to the value “6”, you will immediately change all combinations associated with the mouse button “3”, including for sights and after that, to activate the macro on TOMMY GUN (left CTRL and mouse button “3” by default) or enable X8 crosshair for M39 (right ALT + mouse button “3” by default) you will need to press mouse button “6” instead of button “3” in the original combination.

As a rule, this is not required, but if you once changed the values of these buttons, then the names of the variables in which the default value is displayed will help you return everything as it was.

You can also change the default value of the SILENCER_DUCK_MOUSE_BUTTON variable when additional options are active. In macro functions (ScrollLock enabled), the value of this variable is “4”; if you are not comfortable using the mouse button “4”, you can change it to any other existing mouse button that is convenient for you.

In-game settings for macros

Sensitivity and field of view settings for macros in RUST are selected in such a way that they would be the most productive and convenient for both macros and players. You can adjust the final gaming sensitivity by changing the DPI on the mouse itself.

The input settings (mouse sensitivity and scope mouse sensitivity) don’t show hundredths of values, so for more precise settings, open the console (F1 by default) and enter two commands:

  • input.ads_sensitivity 0.8
  • input.sensitivity 0.8

For the macros to properly adapt to the shooting position, the crouch action must be set to left CTRL:

Control settings - macros for RUST on Logitech and Razer mice from pro-macro.com

Windows version

Our RUST macros in the Logitech G HUB format work perfectly on any version of Windows supported by the Logitech G HUB!

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