How to install macros on A4Tech X7 mouse


In the same way, macros are installed on other A4Tech X7 mice: X-710K, X-710BK (X-7120), X-718BK, X-730K, X-740K, XL-750K, XL-740K, XL-730K , X-738K, X-748K, XL-750BK, X-705K, X-755BK, XL-755BK.

For different models of X7 mice, there are several versions of the Oscar program that you can download from the official website of

Install macros on the mouse A4Tech X7 XL-750BK.

Important! The interface of different programs for different a4tech X7 mice may vary slightly, but the principle of installing macros will be exactly the same.

First you need to move the macro to the folder with the installed program. For the Anti-Vibrate Oscar program, this path looks something like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Anti-Vibrate Oscar Editor\ScriptsMacros\Language\MacroLibrary

Inside the MacroLibrary folder, create a new folder with the name of the game or macro creators, for example, “Pro-macro” and copy the macro files inside this folder.

Now go directly to the program itself and through the context menu on the “7” button, go to the folder and select the macro that you want to install on this button. In the Russian client, it looks like this:

Press the Download to Mouse button and wait a few seconds until the download indicator reaches 100%

The macro installation was successful! The macro is loaded into the mouse and now, when you press the selected key, the macro you need will be activated.


Unlike mice working with the Bloody program, you can install a macro on the left mouse button on X7 mice only with the help of specially written LMC – macros. These macros are almost always inferior in accuracy to “normal” macros. This is due to the fact that time is taken from the script to run these scripts, which naturally disrupts its operation and, as a result, affects accuracy. Therefore, we highly recommend, whenever possible, when the time comes to buy a new mouse, make a choice in favor of the Bloody series mice, everything installs on any buttons without scripts there. You will also find detailed feedback and experience with the use of the A4Tech Bloody V8 mouse on our website right here – A4Tech Bloody V8 Mouse and 5 years of operation.

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