Macros for PUBG

Our PUBG macros are mathematically the best possible mouse macros with the highest possible no recoil ratio.

This macros are suitable for A4Tech Bloody and X7 mice with built-in memory (undetected) and compatible with Bloody 7, Esports and Oscar Editor/Lite, for Logitech mice (G HUB) and for Razer mice (Synapse 3).

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

If for some reason one of the sites does not work or payment methods do not work, then the other will certainly work. Updates and support are provided at both sites.

Demonstration of PRO macros for PUBG

List of macros:

The composition of each specific pack, depending on its version and macro format, may differ.

PUBG Settings for macros

Basic settings

We have taken into account all your wishes and made the setup as easy as possible. Open the game settings and change the options highlighted in the screenshot below.

Change the sensitivity by entering a value in the field manually without using the slider, otherwise the value may not be set exactly, which will greatly affect the synchronization of macros with the spray.

Additional settings

2X, 3X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 15X scopes

Unlike many other games in PUBG, aim sensitivity is not scaled and we give you our basic settings that you can adjust yourself.

Squat shooting (MAX and Community packs)

If you want to use macros for shooting from a sitting position, then you also need to recalculate the sensitivity settings for all types of aiming. We have already done this for you, but you can adjust the final values for yourself as you like, getting the recoil behavior that you need.

Other screen resolution and different modules on weapons

Perhaps you are using one of the widescreen resolutions or want to use all the modules on the weapon, in which case you will have to select the settings yourself. The selection mechanism is simple – if the spray on the type of aiming (resolution) you need moves up, then the current sensitivity for this type of aiming must be increased, if it takes you down, decrease it. This is a simple and effective method, however, we strongly recommend that you use our settings and resort to this method only when absolutely necessary.

Screen resolution

If your screen resolution is not 16:9, then to use our settings you must run the game in windowed mode at any resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio, otherwise you will have to adjust the settings yourself.

DPI and final sensitivity

In order to choose the most comfortable final sensitivity combined with the minimum return, you can freely change the DPI (CPI) on your mouse.

Weapon attachments

Macros support both absolutely “bare” weapons and weapons with such modules as:

  • All kinds of magazines
  • X1 (basic aiming type) – collimator and holographic sights
  • Scopes 2X+ through scaled settings for different magnification (for Community and MAX packs)
  • Scopes 2X+ via switching in macro (only available in PREMIUM macros for Logitech mice)
  • Attachments that somehow change recoil, like handles and compensators, with macros are not needed!

Settings for RMB + LMB macro activation mode

To use RL macros for A4Tech mice and Logitech macros with RMB + LMB activation (ScrollLock enabled), change the aiming settings to “Hold”.

Such macros are very convenient to use, because they are activated only in aiming mode and free up a normal left mouse button press for other actions. That is, they do not interfere with moving items in the inventory, throwing grenades, and performing any other actions associated with pressing the left mouse button.

PREMIUM Logitech G Macros

For the PREMIUM macros for Logitech mice to work correctly, you need to follow some settings, don’t worry, there are not many of them. All you need to do is set the sensitivity, the crouch button to Left CTRL, and make sure the breath hold is set to Left SHIFT (default).

Use cases

You can use PREMIUM macros in a simplified mode without setting the general sensitivity for all aiming magnifications, this will save you from having to switch the scope magnification in the macro, but at the same time make it impossible to use the breath-hold mode.

PUBG controls settings for macros from pro-macro.com
Simplified mode
Sensitivity settings in PUBG
Advanced mode

Macro format

For A4Tech Bloody or X7 mouse

For A4Tech mouses, the *.amc format is universal and allows you to easily load our macros into an A4Tech X7 mouse through the Oscar program or into an A4Tech Bloody mouse through the Bloody 7 program.

Most macros are equipped with LMB versions (LKM in the macro name) for A4Tech X7 mouse, which can be loaded on the mouse button 7 and by clicking on it turn them on/off while holding the left mouse button.

For Logitech G mouse

Our macros for Logitech G HUB and LGS now work perfectly on any version of Windows!

Activating and enabling macros

CapsLock – global enable/disable macros
ScrollLock – enable / disable the mode (LMB + RMB) / LMB
LMB – shooting with a macro (if CapsLock is enabled)
RMB + LMB – shooting with an automatic macro (if CapsLock is on, the ScrollLock state does not matter)
RMB + LMB – shooting with a PRO macro in aiming mode (if CapsLock and ScrollLock are enabled)

Pressed left Alt + LMB (or + RMB + LMB) – activates automatic mode for semi-automatic weapons (except Dragunov).

Logitech G Pack

Logitech G Pack macros – this is a variant of macros compiled into one Lua file with our proprietary system switching and additional settings that affect all macros at once. The switching system for each pack is always at hand, as it is located at the beginning of the Lua file with macros and is conveniently displayed in the script window.

For Razer mouse

Hello, the program itself does not switch macros, you have to do it yourself. Our macros for RAZER mice in *.xml format are suitable for all mice using Razer Synapse 3 software.

Free and useful macros for your start

Universal macros for PUBG will reduce recoil and make it much easier for you to shoot most weapons. If you have a Logitech, A4Tech, or Razer mouse, these macros are a great start for you! Macros for Logitech G are activated by enabling CapsLock. Playback option for Razer macros – “Play while assigned key is pressed“.

Features of using and installing free macros

  • Universal macros for Logitech G mice will be enabled/disabled via CapsLock.
  • Razer Universal Mouse Macros work with the Play When Assigned Key Pressed playback options.

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