Line:0 error (Bloody)

What to do if, after trying to install a macro on a mouse from the Bloody series, an error appeared “An invalid character was found in the text comment. Line: 0 ”?

Line:0 Bloody Error

In fact, in the Bloody program, in almost 100% of cases, this error occurs when the version of the program and the macro do not match, or rather when using the old versions of the program.

That is, the solution to this error is actually very simple and due to the fact that you need to install the latest version of the program Bloody.

How to fix the line:0 error differently?

Of course, I recommend everyone to use the latest and only licensed version of the program. But if, for some reason, you cannot download and install the latest version of Bloody, then you can use the versions of macros from X7 mice, they are suitable for all versions of programs and we also have them.

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