How to install macros on Logitech G mouse?

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Macro installation on Logitech G-Series mouse is the same for all models in this series.

The list of mouses in this series is approximately the following: G102, G305, G402, G403, G502, G603, G604, G703, G900, G903, MX518, G Pro. The list may not be complete and will be supplemented if necessary.

Macro installation in Logitech G HUB

The list of necessary to install the macro on the mouse Logitech G:

  • Obvious – a mouse from the G series supporting macros.
  • Lua macro by 🙂
  • Program Logitech G HUB.
  • 2 minutes of free time.

Open the Logitech G HUB program.

Select a game profile (1) and proceed to create the script (2).

Click the “Create New LUA Script” button.

Enter a name for the new script (1) and go to edit the script (2).

In the editor window that opens, go to the “Script” – “Import” menu and load the * .lua macro file into the editor.

Close the window.

The macro is set as the active script (on the left mouse button) and is turned on / off by the side mouse button.

You can also install the macro on the Logitech G mouse through the Logitech Gaming Software, but it is recommended to do this through the Logitech G HUB program.

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