Best gaming mouse for macros in 2024

Let’s agree right away that there are a lot of companies producing mice with macro support, but almost all of these mice are extremely limited in functionality. In this article, we will consider only those manufacturers whose mice have full-fledged macros with the widest range of possibilities, and these are Logitech, A4Tech and Razer.

Logitech G

G series mice from Logitech have the ability through G HUB or Logitech Gaming Software (Logitech themselves position LGS as outdated software and “motivate” everyone to switch to G HUB) to use macros written in the Lua language, which gives great functionality and allows you to use not just macros, and entire programs (such as our G.MACRO and G Pack’s available exclusively for Logitech mice) are user-programmable on the fly.

Logitech G HUB with G 102 mouse
The best mice for macros from - Logitech Gaming Software (LGS)

The picture is almost perfect, but a small fly in the ointment brings some limitations to this fabulous picture. In single games like VALORANT or games on FACEIT, G HUB cannot use any macros, emulated input will be blocked.

In addition, users often complain about problems loading and enabling macros after updating the G HUB or connecting a new mouse. Fortunately, one half of the problems are solved by installing macros correctly, and the other by choosing the best macros 😇.

When is Logitech G a Good Choice?

All things considered, minus a few exceptions, the Logitech G series mice are the best choice not only for macros, but for general use. And given the availability of budget mouse models, such as the Logitech G102, which are supported by the G HUB as well as the most expensive ones, you basically have no options to choose not Logitech.

Which Logitech G mouse to choose?

The choice of Logitech G series mice is quite impressive, from the most budgetary wired G102 or wireless G304, the G PRO Wireless and G PRO X SUPERLIGHT e-sports models, to the more versatile G502 HERO and its wireless counterpart G 502 LIGHTSPEED.

The best mice for macros from - Logitech G102 mouse
The best mice for macros from - Logitech G HUB software with macro loaded with G Pack

By and large, the choice is limited only by your budget, since macros work equally well on all mouse models.


What can I say, A4Tech is the most famous mice for macros. Unlike Logitech, they cannot boast of such great functionality, but they have all the necessary minimum for effective macros. In addition, they are much easier for a beginner to handle and are the only mice that store macros in their memory and cannot be blocked in 99% of games.

When is A4Tech a Good Choice?

If this is your first macro mouse, you’re on a budget, or you want to use macros where other mice block, then A4Tech is your best option.

Which A4Tech mouse to choose?

A4Tech Bloody 7 software support

It is best to choose A4Tech mice with support for the Bloody 7 program. In it, you can put macros on any button, including LMB, you can put several different macros on one button and switch between them as you please, besides, Bloody 7 is quite simple and hassle-free, which is a big plus for beginners.

The best mice for macros from - mouse Bloody P30 Pro and Bloody ES9
The best mice for macros from - A4Tech Bloody 7 software

Other mice from A4Tech

Mice with support for BloodyEsports, Oscar Editor and Oscar Lite have a number of inconveniences and often very significant ones – problems with setting macros on the left mouse button, simply renamed but a different macro format, the impossibility of simultaneously installing a large number of macros on one button, and others.

The best mice for macros from - A4Tech Oscar Editor software
The best mice for macros from - mouse A4Tech X7 and X89
The best mice for macros from - A4Tech Oscar Lite software

That is why, despite the availability of new series of mice and new software, the best for macros are still pre-activated Bloody mice supported by Bloody 7 software – for example, PRO and W series mice.


Not the most budgetary, but we must pay tribute – consistently high-quality mice from Razer in terms of their functionality in terms of macros are somewhat similar to A4Tech mice, but still inferior to them.

Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse
The best mice for macros from - Razer Synapse 3 and Razer Viper Ultimate mouse

The biggest disadvantage is that the macro module for Razer Synapse 3 works with XML data format, which the average user will definitely not be able to understand. In addition, the way you switch between macros through profiles, the remapping of the left button, and much more, make them extremely inconvenient to use in the context of macros.

When is Razer a good choice?

If you already own a Razer mouse with Synapse 3 support and want to try macros, this is a great option. To buy for macros from scratch, this is certainly not the worst option either, but not the best either, although if you are a Razer fan, then this is unlikely to stop you.


In our opinion, A4Tech Bloody P91s or Logitech G102 will be enough for the most budget start. If the budget is not important, then Bloody W70 PRO, W90 PRO, P91 PRO or Logitech G502 HERO will be an excellent choice! Razer mice are great, but in the context of macros, they are not the best choice, although they are far superior to most mice not included in this article.

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  1. Thank you for this article! I’ve been looking for a replacement for my (very) old macro specific mouse! The one I’m currently using is Verbatim Rapier V1, which has held on for a LONG time.

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