Can you get banned for using macros ?

What macros can be banned for?

Banned for macro

One of the most asked questions, as before, is the question “whether they are banned for macros in CS:GO, in Apex Legends” or in other games, but I hasten to reassure you with macros for A4Tech bloody mouse, X7 loaded into the mouse itself, this possibility is almost zero (not zero), but first things first.

Is it banned for macros on ordinary mouse?

Conventionally, macros can be divided into macros for ordinary mouse – software programs (executed directly from the program, for example through windows api) work regardless of which mouse and hardware you have, which are first loaded into the mouse and are directly executed by the gaming mouse itself.

The highest chance (certainly not comparable to the chance when using cheats) to get a BAN arises precisely when using program macros on ordinary mouse.

It’s not 100% reliable to say that they are banned for macros, but not so long ago there was a case in point in Playerunknown’s battlegrounds (PUBG). When entering the game, thousands of players got a BAN . As written on the forums, many have installed the AutoHotKey program. Of course, most of the locks were eventually lifted, but who knows how things will go on with this software.

What is it all about? Any modern anti-cheat can see which programs are running with the game and write you a BAN (if such an option is registered or appear, for example, in the user agreement) at least for AutoHotKey, at least for any other similar programs that emulate the actions of input devices.

Are macros for a4tech bloody, x7 mouse banned?

A completely different story arises when using macros loaded into the mouse itself. Suppose you downloaded a macro into the mouse and closed the bloody/oscar program for the purity of the experiment. All actions prescribed in the macro, in this case, are performed directly by the mouse itself, just as if some kind of cybersportsman performed these actions. Therefore, in this case, your reputation before the anti-cheat remains crystal clear and in this case it is almost impossible to get a ban.

Why is not impossible, but almost impossible? A chance to get a ban anyway? A person, in contrast to a macro, cannot repeat actions on a mouse with the same delay, for example, pressing the left mouse button with a delay of 50ms – 20 times in a row, but while anti-cheating is not particularly sharpened by similar algorithms, then there’s nothing to worry about

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