Professional macros for Valorant from promacro.ru have a number of features and, like all our macros, they provide the maximum possible compensation for the impact in the game. Valorant is an e-sports discipline with a fairly random recoil, in this regard, macros on some weapons, such as VANDAL, PHANTOM and BULLDOG, from a certain moment of the spray do not reduce recoil and vice versa, they can increase it by an order of magnitude, and in this case it is not necessary to talk about the effectiveness of macros… In addition, it can be seen by spectators watching your game.

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

If for some reason one of the sites does not work or payment methods do not work, then the other will certainly work. Updates and support are provided at both sites.

Professional PRO "V" macros

PRO “V” macros are special professional macros specially designed for Valorant. These macros control only the predictable portion of the spray without creating awkward situations for you. Macros are calculated for normal firing mode, without aiming. This is the most correct shooting mode and with macros it gives the maximum advantage!

The thing is that, as we wrote above, for the VANDAL, PHANTOM and BULLDOG weapons, you cannot make macros for the entire clip, this is technically impossible. The greatest shooting efficiency in Valorant’e is achieved by shooting in bursts, as a rule, combined with strafe (short steps to the sides).

These are not just macros written by professionals, these are macros that will help you master the correct shooting techniques and not fall on your face.

"Classic" PRO macros

We have not forgotten about the classic PRO macros, especially since the technical characteristics of the ARES and ODIN allow us to do this.

VALORANT settings for macros

The settings for our macros are standard, you just need to set the sensitivity to 0.63. This is the maximum sensitivity value at which you do not have to round off the coordinates, which means that macros do not lose accuracy.

You can adjust the final value of the mouse sensitivity for yourself by changing the DPI/CPI on the mouse itself, since this does not affect the operation and accuracy of macros.

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