Macros for VALORANT

Professional macros on VALORANT in the format for A4Tech mice (Bloody and X7) are the best and at the same time the only reliable non-blocking solution in this game.

Despite the randomness of a separate part of the recoil, we wrote such macros that affect only the most predictable part (for that recoil that can be approximated to the no or low recoil) and do not affect the random part .

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

If for some reason one of the sites does not work or payment methods do not work, then the other will certainly work. Updates and support are provided at both sites.

Professional PRO V macros

PRO V macros specially created for VALORANT control only a predictable part of the spray without creating embarrassing situations for you. This is the most correct shooting mode and with macros it gives the maximum advantage especially when shooting in small bursts!

Our macros will help you learn proper shooting techniques by focusing on the important points without being distracted by recoil compensation.

"Classic" PRO macros

We have not forgotten about the classic PRO macros, especially since the technical characteristics of the ARES and ODIN allow us to do this.

VALORANT settings for macros

The settings for our macros are standard, you just need to set the sensitivity to 0.63. This is the maximum sensitivity value at which you do not have to round off the coordinates, which means that macros do not lose accuracy.

You can adjust the final value of the mouse sensitivity for yourself by changing the DPI/CPI on the mouse itself, since this does not affect the operation and accuracy of macros.

Supported mice

A4Tech Bloody and X7

The AMC format is universal for all A4Tech mice with the ability to load macros. It allows you to easily use our macros through Bloody 7 and Oscar Editor, as well as through Bloody Esports and Oscar Lite after changing the extension to BMC.

LKM (LMB) macro versions

LKM or LKM (left mouse button) macros are macros whose names end in LKM or LMB. These macros can be loaded on any free mouse button (except the left one!!!) and after a single click on it, turn on or off on the left mouse button. This allows you to use macros by pressing the left mouse button on those mice on which there is no way to load a macro on the LMB directly, for example, on A4Tech X7 mice via Oscar Editor or X7 mice via Oscar Lite.

RL versions of macros

In the last update we have added such macros for ODIN and ARES. These macros are loaded on the left mouse button and only work when the right and left mouse buttons are pressed. This helps to use macros only at the moments of shooting and frees up the usual click on the LMB for other actions.

Although we have been using these versions in other games for a long time, for VALORANT this is only being tested, so give it a try and be sure to give us feedback on any of our contacts.

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