How to play with macros correctly?

Correct play with macro will increase your efficiency by an order of magnitude and will not leave your enemies a single chance. As an example, I’ll take the WARZONE game and explain some important points that some players overlook.

What affects the accuracy of shooting with a macro?

The thing is that the macro controls the recoil according to the average pattern (roughly speaking, the pattern is a drawing of the recoil of a particular weapon) this is its advantage – each time the recoil will decrease by about the same percentage without strong distortions in the spread. But it’s not that simple.

In addition to direct recoil, there are two other factors that strongly affect the spread:

  • Swinging weapons and/or sight (relevant for PUBG, WARZONE and APEX LEGENDS)
  • Random deviations of each individual shot in the pattern (in WARZONE this parameter is designated as “recoil stability”, and in CS: GO it is the determining parameter for the accuracy of the spray with a macro)

In such a multi-component release, it is important to understand that the longer the spray, i.e. the more time has passed since its beginning, the more the swinging of the weapon and random deviations of individual shots affect the position of each next shot relative to the starting point of firing.

In other words, the longer the spray, the higher its randomness and the stronger the influence of the spread factors and, as a result, the worse the spray accuracy.

Shoot with the macro correctly!

For example, in CS: GO, even without macros, in order to increase your efficiency and raise your K / D ratio, in some situations it is more efficient to stop your spray for a split second and start over (or just aim to give one exact “headshot”).

So with macros, in order to reduce the influence of recoil factors, after 15-25 shots, it is better to stop the spray and continue it after a pause, aiming again.

It should be understood that if you lack a clip with a macro of 20+ shots for one target, it is either not the correct shooting distance, or low aiming accuracy (usually due to the high sensitivity of the mouse).

Specifics of using WARZONE macros.

In addition to all that is described above, it would not be a bad idea to change some setting in the game and change your actions in some game situations.

It is not always convenient and profitable for you to start the spray by entering the aiming mode, it takes precious fractions of seconds and puts you at a disadvantage, especially when moving to close distances.

To make the macro work more efficiently when entering the aiming mode after the start of the spray, set “ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing” to “Instant”.

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