How to install macros on any mouse?

Once upon a time I started writing a program with the help of which it would be possible to install any macros on any, even office, mouse, but I found that such a program already exists and I must say it’s hardly possible to do better, the program uses the syntax of A4Tech Oscar and able to use macros on any mouse. This program is called Macros Effects (ME) or Macroskin and the author of this program is Alavutdin Gebekov.

Downloading and Installing Macros Effects Program (Makroskin).

You can download the latest version of the program (Macros Effects 1.9) from our website: Download Macros Effects.

As such, the program does not have an installation, it is enough to unzip the archive to a place convenient for you, even to the desktop.

Open the program folder and run “Макроскин.exe“.

Macro installation in Macros Effects.

Here is the main program window.

In the second picture, the area for working with macros is highlighted in red (under the word “Скрипт”). A macro can be loaded into the program in two ways. You can download it manually by copying the active part of the macro through a text editor, or you can download it through the interface of the program itself.

Macros installation in Macros Effects through the program interface.

Transfer the macro to the program folder in advance, so it will be more convenient for you. open the program, click on the folder icon and open the desired macro.

Accept the recommendations of the program (if any) and close the macro information window.

To enable the macro, just press the F8 key or manually check the “Слежение” (Tracking) column. Now when you click the left mouse button, the macro will automatically work.

By the way, you can change the macro operation button or its activation button in the program settings.

Macros installation in Macros Effects through copying lines.

You can clear the script area in advance, the active part of the script from our macro will be copied there.

Open the macro you need from (in amc. Format) with a text editor, i.e. just click on the macro file with the right mouse button to open the context menu, then click “Open with” and select any program convenient for you. You can use notepad (not very convenient), you can WordPad (conveniently and you don’t need to install anything additionally), you can download and install Notepad ++ (in general, WordPad’a is more than enough for our tasks).

Opened? Great, now all you need to do is copy the part of the macro between <Syntax> and </Syntax> just like in the screenshots below, click on them to enlarge.

Highlighted? Copy by pressing CTRL + V or through the right mouse button.

Go to the Macros Effects program, paste the copied fragment into the script area.

As in the previous method, just press the F8 key or manually check the “Tracking” column to activate the macro. Actually this way you can install our macros on any, even office mouse.

Possible problems and solutions.

Everything has its pros and cons and this situation was no exception. Yes, using this program you can install a macro on any mouse, but at the same time, due to inexperience, you can encounter a number of problems.

The macro does not turn on or the scope expands to the floor.

Go to the program settings and check if the alternative method is enabled, if not, enable it.

If you still have questions or you have something to say about this article, welcome to comment!


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