Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We make macros in AMC format for A4Tech Bloody and X7 mice, macros in LUA format for Logitech G series mice (G HUB and LGS) and macros in XML format for Razer mice (Synapse 3).

The software of other mice does not allow complex macros.

The chance of being banned is minimal, but it’s best to read this article about ban chance and macros.

Of course, we have various free macros – universal, clickers and others, you can find them on the macros page for each specific game.

On a separate showcase – promacro.exaccess.com, on the well-known site – plati.market or on promacro.store (only for RU region)

Latest version of macro update rules by pro-macro.com.

These rules are subject to change without notice, but you can always contact us and clarify the possibility of certain updates.

Macro updates are automatically sent to buyers’ email addresses, follow the news in the VK group.