Macros for Apex Legends

Macros for Apex Legends incorporate all the many years of experience writing scripts.

Professional versions are written using the most accurate mathematical models, so our macros are extremely accurate compared to any other no recoil macros.

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

If for some reason one of the sites does not work or payment methods do not work, then the other will certainly work. Updates and support are provided at both sites.

List of macros:

The composition of each specific pack, depending on its version and macro format, may differ.

Apex Legends settings for macros:

The main and most important settings are:

  • Sensitivity: 2.0
  • Mouse acceleration: OFF
  • FOV: Any
  • Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier in ADS: 1.0
  • Sensitivity for Different Magnification: OFF
  • Mouse Acceleration: OFF

The rest of the settings are standard, in fact, like the sensitivity in ADS.

Apex Legends sensitivity settings for macros
Macros settings for Apex Legends
Apex Legends ads sensitivity settings for macros
Macros ADS settings for Apex Legends

Additional ADS mode setting

To comfortably use macros with a new type of activation (Logitech G and A4Tech RL macros), you need to change “ADS aiming (press)” to “ADS aiming (hold)”.

ADS settings in Apex Legends for professional Logitech macros

Now the aiming mode, and with it the work of the macro, will last as long as you keep the right mouse button pressed.

Macro format

A4Tech Bloody and X7

For A4Tech mouses, the *.amc format is universal and allows you to easily load our macros into an A4Tech X7 mouse through the Oscar program or into an A4Tech Bloody mouse through the Bloody 7 program.

LKM – macros are designed for A4Tech X7 mice on which you cannot load macros on the left mouse button. Load such a macro on button 7, then press button 7 once and hold LMB – the macro works, pressing button 7 again will disable the macro on LMB and vice versa.

RL (Right Left) – versions of macros that work only when you press and hold RMB + LMB, that is, only in aiming mode. The macros themselves are loaded on the LMB as usual. Such macros free up the left mouse button for all other actions and allow you to use macros with great comfort.

Logitech G

Our macros are suitable for both pro players and streamers. Macros only work in aiming mode and are switched by our own system.

Logitech G Pack MAX and G Pack Community

Advanced versions of our Logitech macros for Apex Legends – G Pack MAX and G Pack Community are combined into one macro program and have their own macro switching system. Unlike regular macros, by downloading the G Pack to Logitech G HUB once, you don’t have to constantly import and run macros in G HUB every time you switch weapons.

In order to use the G Pack switching system as conveniently as possible, we recommend that you release mouse buttons 4 and 5 from skill-related game actions.

Settings for RMB + LMB Apex Legends macros by pro-macro.com

Or you can change the proMouseButton buttons in the macro itself, read more about this below.

G Pack control system

You can download and print the manual you need for more convenience! 

Apex Legends macros switching system
Apex Legends G Pack MAX
Apex Legends macros switching system
Apex Legends G Pack Community

Premium versions of Logitech macros

Premium versions of the packs have a specially optimized set of algorithms and patterns specially prepared for them, thanks to which they can boast maximum speed of work through G HUB and an almost instantaneous response to switching even on weak PCs. But that’s not all…

Supports Logitech G-button keyboards

If you have a Logitech keyboard with G buttons supported by the Logitech G HUB software, you can reassign any macro combinations to these buttons, i.e. you have the additional ability to assign up to 12 shortcuts to the G buttons (F1 to F12) of your keyboard.

Macros switching on G buttons
Apex Legends G Pack MAX PREMIUM G Buttons
Inversion macros mode

If you play with mouse inversion, then you can also use all the functionality of macros without any problems. To activate the inversion mode, just set the value of the parameter INVERSION = true.

Setting for mouse inversion

Windows version

Our Lua Apex Legends macros for Logitech G HUB work perfectly on any version of Windows!


Our RAZER mouse macros in *.xml format are suitable for all mice running Razer Synapse 3 software. Installing macros on a Razer mouse via Synapse 3.

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