Apex Legends Macros

Macros for Apex Legends incorporate all the many years of experience writing scripts.

Professional versions are written using the most accurate mathematical models, so our macros are extremely accurate compared to any other no recoil macros.

The latest update added support for maximum enlarged magazines for all weapons, now also for L-STAR!

Starting from season 7, each macro is also marked with a season (№S is added at the end of the macro file name), so that you do not confuse macros from different updates and can always use the latest one.

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

In our own store:

In a separate showcase:


Or on a well-known site:


Updated Apex Legends Macros for Season 12!

All macros are relevant for the new season in Apex Legends! Improved and reworked macros of previous seasons!

  • Added new auto macro for P2020
  • Alternator SMG and VOLT SMG macros have been reworked to reflect changes made in Season 12.

List of macros for the 12th season: VK-47 Flatline, HAVOC, HEMLOK BURST AR, ALTERNATOR SMG, PROWLER BURST PDW, M600 Spitfire, L-STAR EMG, VOLT SMG, R-99 SMG, R-301 CARBINE, RE-45 AUTO, DEVOTION, RAMPAGE LMG, macro for new Apex Legends season 11 weapon – C.A.R. and new P2020 Auto macro!

Macros have formats for A4Tech Bloody, X7 and Logitech G series mouses (Lua macros), in addition, each macro for A4Tech is supplemented with a version for the left mouse button (for A4Tech X7 mouses).

If for some reason one of the sites does not work or payment methods do not work, then the other will certainly work. Updates and support are provided at both sites.

Basic Apex Legends settings for macros:

The main and most important settings are:

  • Sensitivity: 2.5
  • Mouse acceleration: Off

The rest of the settings are standard, in fact, like the sensitivity in ADS.

Macros settings for Apex Legends
Macros ADS settings for Apex Legends

Versions for each weapon were created taking into account its specifics, we tried to maintain a balance between the smooth operation of each macro and its maximum accuracy. Try our macros for Apex Legends and feel the difference.

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