The most common problems with Logitech G HUB

Based on the experience of our technical support, almost 99% of all problems that you may encounter when using Logitech mice and the official Logitech G HUB software can be solved quite simply, and many of these problems may not affect you at all if you followed our installation guide macros in G HUB.

After updating or downloading and installing a new version, Logitech G HUB may stop launching. Often, you just need to wait, sometimes for quite a long time. If, as it seems to you, the waiting period has been prolonged, in this case, restart your PC, launch G HUB as an administrator, after which G HUB should start (possibly with a short pause, take your time).

This can happen when updating and installing a new version of G HUB or when connecting a new device from Logitech.The situation can be corrected by completely uninstalling the current version of G HUB, rebooting the PC (this is important!) and starting the installation of its latest official version from the administrator.
Logitech G HUB stuck at loading
The first thing you need to check is whether global macro activation is enabled (in our macros, CapsLock is usually responsible for this) and whether there is an active macro for any weapon at the moment. Activating a macro for any weapon is accompanied by a message in the G HUB console.Also, be sure to check whether you have disabled the “Internal Memory Mode” mode – in this mode no Lua scripts will work.
On-board memory mode Logitech G HUBIn very rare cases, it happens that after launching some games, macros (Lua scripts) stop working and this cannot be solved even by restarting the PC. Solution – upload any other macro to G HUB, and then back to the previous one, after which G HUB will start playing macros again.

Almost always, this problem is associated with the active keyboard layout and the nuances of how the right ALT works with this layout. Just change the layout to EN and the right ALT will work again and be determined by the G HUB.

If updating G HUB and changing the USB port where the mouse is connected did not help, then check whether your mouse is original from Logitech or not. Most often we come across replicas on the G304 model. Buy Logitech mice only from trusted sellers, as well as macros for them.If there are no doubts about the authenticity of your mouse, then make sure that you have installed a version of Logitech G HUB that is “familiar” with this mouse, so that everything works for sure – you can simply install the latest version of G HUB.
An error indicating that the program is probably damaged may appear due to a failure to install or update G HUB, as well as if the file system is damaged. The problem is often resolved by the G HUB installer itself, but if this does not happen, then you can reinstall G HUB yourself.
Are you importing a macro but the script window remains blank? Problem with importing and running macros is a common problem with some older versions of Logitech G HUB. You need to update G HUB to the latest official version, or download and install the latest version from Logitech’s official website yourself.

Additional recommendations

Gaming Profiles in Logitech G HUB

Macros may not work when uploaded to G HUB game profiles. Instead, it is better to use the “Desktop” profile assigned as the default profile. We considered this in detail in the guide for installing macros on Logitech G mice.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the correct installation of macros in Logitech G HUB, this will save you from most of the problems.

Launch G HUB as administrator

It is true that in some situations running Logitech G HUB as an administrator can be a solution.

Reinstall G HUB

The last and most commonly recommended method to fix Logitech G HUB issues is to reinstall it. You can install the latest version of G HUB from the official site, or an earlier version that does not have such problems with running macros.


  1. guys what version of logitech g hub should i have?

    I installed it according to the video but it doesn’t work

    • Hello. In fact, the version of the Logitech G HUB is not so important, you can make any one work and it does not depend on macros.
      There are versions on which it is easier to do this, but this version may have problems with fonts in the macros console.
      You can get any version to work (and latest versions too) by reinstalling G HUB, running it as administrator and loading macros to the default permanent “Desktop” profile – this solves 99% of all problems.

    • If you contacted the support mail, then conduct a dialogue already there, there is no need to spam all sites 🙂

  2. Hello ! A few days ago my G102 broke ( gaming problems 🙂 ) I bought another one from the store same version of G102 but my g-hub 2021 dosent detect it only the new versions , the new versions dosent work properly for the macro that I use in a game , can you help ?

    • Hi! The latest versions of Logitech G HUB work well if you follow all the rules described in this article. Perhaps the problem is in the macros that you use or in something else. If you describe your problem in more detail, I can more accurately tell you how to solve it.

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