Macros for SUPER PEOPLE 2.0

PRO macros for SUPER PEOPLE 2 are complex full-axis macros calculated through our “proscripts” algorithm. The compensation of the predictable part of the recoil has the maximum possible values for macros and will definitely not leave you indifferent.

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

If for some reason one of the sites does not work or payment methods do not work, then the other will certainly work. Updates and support are provided at both sites.

list of macros:

SUPER PEOPLE 2 settings for macros:


The maximum field of view allows you to better navigate in the surrounding space and, according to the value, receive maximum visual information. Set the value of “FPP Mode FOV” equal to 110.

SUPER PEOPLE 2 - FOV settings for macros
FOV settings for macros

Sensitivity setting

Sensitivity in the aiming mode, and it is in this mode that you need to use macros, is calculated and fully relevant for aiming through the front sight, holographic, collimator, 2x and 4x sights. Sensitivity affects macros directly, so be extra careful with these settings.

SUPER PEOPLE 2 - sensitivity settings for macros
Sensitivity settings for macros

Macro formats

For A4Tech Bloody and X7 mouses

For A4Tech mice, the *.amc format is universal and allows you to easily load our macros into an A4Tech X7 mouse through the Oscar program or into an A4Tech Bloody mouse through the Bloody 7 program.

For Logitech G (G HUB and LGS)

Our Lua macros for Logitech G HUB do not stand still and develop with us. It doesn’t matter what version of Windows you have, our macros will work perfectly!

Enabling Macros

PRO macros for AKM, M416S, SCAR-H and F2000 are enabled via CapsLock, if CapsLock is enabled then the macro is enabled and vice versa.
Automatic PRO macros for M16A4 and G3 work with left ALT and LMB pressed. To start the macro, just hold ALT and click LMB.

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