The most common problems with Logitech G HUB (LGS)


Sometimes they write to us – “your macros don’t work, what should I do?”. And I must say that 100% of this is not related to macros, because macros are executable algorithms in the LUA language in which everything is clearly spelled out and there is basically nothing to “not work” there. So what’s the deal?

The most common problems with Logitech G and their solutions.

The macro is loaded into the game profile script on the G HUB, but it does not work in the game itself.

First, make sure that the G HUB profile you are uploading the macro to is the same as the game you are launching. Doesn’t work anyway?

Try loading the macro into the “Desktop” profile, the one that works by default, and check if the macro is enabled on the desktop. Works? Not in the game?

Solution: you need to run G HUB as administrator, and then G HUB will correctly detect the active game window and include a script with a macro.

All settings and weapon modules for the macro are set correctly, but the recoil leads upward.

To begin with, you must make sure that all the settings are indeed correct and if nothing helps and the macro is played by the program, for example, much slower than it is written in the LUA script, you probably have Windows 10 version 2004 installed (you can find out by pressing WIN+R and typing winver on the command line). This update is problematic for many peripherals.

Solution: rollback the system to an earlier version (via Windows restore points), if rollback is not possible, then a clean installation of Windows 10 of an earlier version.

I set the mode to work through the internal memory, but the macros do not work.

Unfortunately, the developers from Logitech have limited the ability to use macros through the internal memory of the mouse and they do not work in this mode, i.e. macros work only through the program.

The macro has activation on Capslock (CL), but CapsLock does not respond to pressing, or it responds for a very long time.

You press CapsLock (or ScrollLock, or NumLock – it depends on which button is associated with additional activation in the macro itself), but the indicator on the keyboard does not respond to these presses and the macro cannot be turned on or off.

Solution: The simplest solution is to switch to the active window of the G HUB program or the macro editor via Alt+Tab and try again to press CapsLock, everything will work.

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