How to make a macro in MGN format from AMC?

Why is the MGN macro format needed?

In A4Tech’s Bloody program, in Ultra Core 3 operating mode, macros work only in the MGN format, which can be converted from any AMC format, and we will discuss how to do this later.

Convert AMC to MGN.

First you need to put the macro in the Bloody macro folder. Next, go to the Bloody program and activate Ultra Core 3 if it is not active.

How to make MGN macro from AMC - Ultra Core 3

Activated? Fine! Now go to the “HEADSHOT” tab, select the folder with the game in which the macro is located and go to the next “HEADSHOT” tab, on the right, in the picture below it is highlighted in red.

How to make MGN macro from AMC - HEADSHOT

In the new tab, go to the next one called “M-Macro”

How to make MGN macro from AMC - M-Macro

Now in the list that appears, select the desired macro and press the “BACK” button

How to make MGN macro from AMC - M-Macro - Back

In the dialog box that appears, click the “YES” button and enter the name under which our macro will be saved in a new, but already in MGN format.

Well, that’s it, done! We got a macro in MGN format and now load it into the mouse in Ultra Core 3 mode.

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