Macros for Call of Duty: WARZONE 2.0

Professional macros for WARZONE 2.0 are designed for each individual shot and have strict requirements for settings and modules on weapons, which ensures the highest possible accuracy in recoil control. These macros will suit the most demanding gamers with A4Tech and Logitech macro-enabled mice.

Free but useful macros

You can use our universal macros for A4Tech Bloody, X7, Logitech (G HUB/LGS) and Razer (Synapse 3) mice with different gaming settings, or choose the macro that best suits your current settings. Macros for Logitech G are activated by enabling CapsLock. Playback option for Razer macros – “Play while assigned key is pressed“.

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

Weapon attachments required for macros:

Pack #1

Pack #2

WARZONE 2.0 in-game settings for macros:

The main game settings for macros look like this:

  • Mouse sensitivity: 5.00
  • Viewing Angle: 105
  • Field of view of the sight: Independent
  • Sensitivity type of crosshair: Relative
In-game sensitivity settings warzone 2.0 for mouse macros by pro-macro.com
In-game fov settings Call of Duty: WARZONE 2.0 for mouse macros by pro-macro.com

Macro formats

For A4Tech Bloody and X7 mice

We provide macros in a universal *.amc format that is suitable for all A4Tech mice that support macros, namely A4Tech X7 and Bloody.

RL version

RL versions of macros are a “proprietary” development from promacro.ru. Such macros are loaded as usual on the left mouse button, but only work in aiming mode (RMB + LMB), thus freeing the left mouse button for any other actions (without activating the macro) as on Logitech versions of macros!

LMB version

Each pack comes with LMB versions of macros specifically for A4Tech X7 mice. These macros have the ending “LKM” in their names. They are loaded on the mouse button 7 and by a single click on the same button can be turned on and off on the LMB.

For Logitech G mice

Especially for WARZONE 2.0, we made our PRO macros without additional activation, after loading the selected macro, it is activated only in the aiming mode, i.e. with the RMB (right mouse button) and LMB (left mouse button) pressed at the same time, the rest of the time your LMB is free and you can freely use it for any action without being distracted by turning the macro on and off.

For RAZER mice

Our *.xml macros for Razer mice for Razer Synapse 3 software are special and are absolutely full-fledged macros that are almost as good as other mice and formats in their work.

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