Logitech mouse macros

Macros for Logitech G series mouses are no longer news, mouses from this series already make decent competition to A4Tech. 

Mouses from the Logitech G series, although certainly new to the world of programmable mouses (compared to the same A4Tech), but the macros on Logitech mouses have more features through the use of a scripting programming language – Lua.

A bit about Logitech G mice

If you are the owner of a Logitech mouse such as: G102, G305, G402, G403, G502, G603, G604, G703, G900, G903, MX518, G Pro, etc. (perhaps at the time of reading the article, the G series was replenished with new models), then you made a good purchase.

Cheap and cheerful!

The G series mouses are made with high quality and have very decent characteristics of the sensors and button life, for example, the same Logitech G102 Prodigy has a very attractive price and is aiming for leadership in its price segment (especially when you consider the fact that after buying a Logitech G mouse, nothing no need to buy extra, as for example it was done with activation on A4Tech mouse).

Macro development is currently in full swing, you can check the availability of professional “Pro” macros on Logitech G for CS: GO, PUBG, PUBG LITE or RUST on this page – https://promacro.exaccess.com/

Macros on Logitech and A4Tech, what is the difference?

A4Tech in all mouses for macros uses the simple and clear syntax from Oscar. Logitech G mouses use the Lua scripting programming language for macros, which greatly complicates their creation and editing for beginners not familiar with it.

A4Tech oscar syntax macro
Logitech macro Lua syntax

In conclusion

Whatever mouse you choose, leave the routine work of writing macros to professionals, the experience of creating thousands of different macros allows us to make the most accurate macros based on our own mathematical models. Choosing us, you will spend only a few minutes installing the macro, saving a lot of time to hone your skills inside the game.

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