RUST Macro for Bloody/X7 Mouses

The macro on AK47 for RUST has been developed longer than any of the macros from promacro.ru. We faced a difficult task, without burdening you with a bunch of different versions to make such a macro, which would have maximum accuracy and be easily controlled. All smooth versions of macros have one drawback, they do not have 100% compensation for the benefit of convenience and invisibility from the side. For the RAST game, the stealth factor plays almost no role, so a special version was made – Aim Pro with maximum control over the impact of each shot and at the same time, easy to hover.

Buy the latest macros for growth for AK47, select the required version of the macro for your mouse and TP. you can always on the site – https://pro-macro.com/buy-macro/, or just choose the model of your mouse below.

NEW! After the last macro update in 2019, we added a new macro for AK47 without any skirts, i.e. for AK47 with standard front sight.

Archive with any macro for AK47 on RAST includes:

Aim Professional macro is a special professional version of the macro that replaces all previously developed versions, such as tapping and base. Each shot is perfectly centered and you just have to visit exactly on the target.

BASE version (added after the March 2019 update) – suppresses the return by almost 100%. From the minuses of this version, it is possible to note only a small shaking at the moment of shooting, which since the time you practically stop paying attention.

The LMB version of the macro for a4tech X7 mice, as well as the MGN version for installing a macro via Ultra Core 3 – Headshot if you have a version of a4tech Bloody mouse archive.

Recoil with AK47 Macro.

We periodically update our macros so that they most closely match the current recoil pattern in the game, as well as upload various videos to our YouTube channel.

Modifications for AK47.

In the game itself, you only need the AK47 and Simple Handmade Sight, or only the AK47 if you choose the version without dodgers. If necessary, you can also use a silencer.

RUST settings.

To begin, in the game settings (click on the gear in the top menu) go to the “ENTER” tab and set the mouse sensitivity to 0.5 and make sure that the Y axis is not inverted (obviously, 99.9% do not touch this value and it is off default).

In the game menu, these settings look like this:

RUST AK47 Macro Settings

If this sensitivity of the mouse is insufficient or too great for you, you can change the CPI (DPI) of the mouse up or down. For example, if you played on sensitivity of 1 and 400 cpi on a mouse, you will need to change the value of cpi to 800. Similarly for any other sensitivity.

We also remind you that you can get answers to most frequently asked questions from the FAQ section on our website.

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