PUBG Macro for Bloody/X7 Mouses

Our PUBG Macros are among the most complex, so that controlling residual recoil on any weapon for which you use the macro will be easy and intuitive.

The archive with each of the macros includes at least two versions of the macros:

  • Line (linear) – a classic macro for PUBG similar to the universal ones, which allows, if necessary, to use some body kits, as well as, in which case, to shoot from another weapon.
  • Professional (professional) macro – like with macros on CS: GO, this macro for PUBG is quite complex and contains more than 300 lines of the original script , due to which it does not lose its accuracy, it remains very smooth and importantly, unlike all other macros you could ever use, this one has stable axial recoil suppression, i.e. there will be no jerks associated with inaccuracies regarding the scatter pattern.

You can find the latest versions of professional macros for various games here – https://pro-macro.com/buy-macro/

Demonstration scatter.

We periodically update our macros so that they most closely match the current recoil pattern in the game, as well as posting various videos on our YouTube channel.

PUBG setting for macros.

After the last update, the settings have been changed and now, these settings are suitable for professional and linear macros from “promacro.ru”. They are designed for shooting through a standard front sight, collimator and holographic sights, as well as 2X and 3X sights.

Basic settings:

  • Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: 1
  • General sensitivity: any (since in the game in 99% of cases it is used for viewing with the mouse, and not for shooting)
  • Aiming sensitivity from shoulder: 25
  • Front sight aiming sensitivity: 30
  • Sensitivity of aiming through optical sights: 50
PUBG settings for macro
PUBG settings for macro

These settings may not be final for you, for example, if you often use macros with X2-X4 sights, in this case you will need to disable the general sensitivity for all optical sights and configure it separately for each type of sight, as it suits you.

You can freely change the dpi (cpi) of your mouse in order to choose the most comfortable, final sensitivity combined with a minimum spread.

Also, you can freely change the dpi (cpi) of your mouse in order to choose the most comfortable, final sensitivity combined with the minimum scatter.

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