PUBG Lite Professional Macros

For many, PUBG LITE turned out to be an unexpected and very pleasant gift, compared to the usual PUBG’s, the game just flies, which is good news, and the game is free. What about macros?

Pro and Line macros for PUBG Lite

The professional “PRO” versions of macros for PUBG from promacro.ru are very different from any other macros, since they take into account changes in barrel drift during the clamping process and, when correctly configured, are most effective.

In addition, the linear “Line” versions are included in the archive for each weapon, the configuration requirements for which are much lower and, in fact, you can use these macros as universal ones.

Recoil control using the example of “PRO” macros for AK47, M416 and SCAR-L


Already have macros for PUBG?

Well, if you really have macros from promacro for regular PUBG, then you are very lucky, as the weapons in PUBG and PUBG LITE are transferred identically, with all types of returns and more. Therefore, you can safely use our macros on AK47, M416, SCAR-L and M16A4 and in both versions of the game.

If you do not have macro for PUBG

It doesn’t matter either! Above, we already gave a link to the directory with macros for PABG, but if macros for PUBG LITE or macros in general are new to you, then you can learn more about this on our site:

If you did not find the answer to your question either in the FAQ on the site or in the pages of articles, you can always contact our VK group – vk.com/promacroru

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