Professional “PRO” macros for WARZONE CALDERA are complex macros designed to correct each individual spray shot. PRO macro cannot be universal, it is calculated strictly for certain weapons, modules and settings, only in this way the full compliance of the macro with the mathematical recoil model is achieved.

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

If for some reason one of the sites does not work or payment methods do not work, then the other will certainly work. Updates and support are provided at both sites.

Demonstration of macros for WARZONE CALDERA

Attachments for macros

WARZONE CALDERA settings for macros

Default settings for macros

Configuring WARZONE CALDERA for macros is very simple, the list of basic settings looks like this:

  • Mouse sensitivity: 5.00.
  • Aim sensitivity of the mouse: Relative.
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier: 1
  • Mouse Acceleration: 0
  • Field of View for standard sensitivity for PRO versions: 105 
  • ADS Field of View: Independent

The full list of settings in the screenshot below is likely to match what you have, but note that the relative sensitivity of aiming will allow you to use macros even with multiple sights mounted on the weapon.

Advansed settings

If the FOV value “105” does not suit you with something (you are used to “120“) or you cannot change it in principle (if you use macros on PS4), then use the FOV/Sensitivity calculator to select the sensitivity for your viewing angle, and set the rest of the value as in the standard settings:

  • Aim sensitivity of the mouse: Relative.
  • ADS Field of View: Independent

Macro Activation for Logitech G Series

Our PRO macros for WARZONE CALDERA in the format for Logitech G mouses, after loading into the G HUB, work only when you press the left and right mouse buttons together, i.e. only in aiming mode, the rest of the time your left mouse button is free.

PRO macros control the recoil better than any professional player, the main thing is to choose the right moment, the right position and aim accurately, the macro will do the rest for you.

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