Macros for Call of Duty: Warzone

A special set of macros for the main weapons of the game available to all beginners at the start. This macro pack will allow you to confidently start playing even on a completely new, not pumped account, i.e. on an account with entry-level weapons without modifications!

The macro pack for Call of Duty: Warzone includes macros for: AK47, AUG, FN SCAR 17, Kilo 141, M4A1, M13, MG34, MP7, PKM.

Basic CoD Settings: Warzone for Macros

Configuring Warzone for macros is very simple, the list of basic settings looks like this:

  • Mouse sensitivity: 5.00.
  • Aim sensitivity of the mouse: Relative.

The full list of settings in the screenshot below is likely to match what you have, but note that the relative sensitivity of aiming will allow you to use macros even with multiple sights mounted on the weapon.

The recoil of a weapon with macros is close to a weapon that has a number of modifications to reduce recoil. In addition, each of the macros, after opening weapon modifications, you can try out as a universal one and use the one with which you are more comfortable.

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