Installing a macro on A4Tech Bloody mouse.


It doesn’t matter which model your Bloody mouse is, exactly in this way the macros are installed on all a4tech Bloody mice (V3M, V4M, V5M, V8M, V7M, T50, T60, T70, N50, A60, A70, A90, A91, R30, R70, R80, RT50, RT70, ML160, ZL50, TL50, TL60, TL70, TL80, TL90, AL90, P81, P85, P93, etc.).

If you do not have the latest version of Bloody software, then we strongly recommend downloading it from the official website

Download Bloody Software

Important! To use macros, you must have purchased the official activation of Ultra core3 /4 for Bloody.

You can install macros on the mouse through the Bloody program in two different ways, through Ultra-Core 3 and through Ultra-Core 4.

Macro installation via Ultra-Core 3.

Open the Bloody program, then open the Oscar Macro II menu and go to the file tab – File in/out

How to setup a macro file to Bloody - File In

Next. 1 – go to the folder with the macro, 2 – select the macro that you want to transfer to the program, 3 – click the green arrow.

How to setup a macro file to Bloody - Import file

Click OK.

How to setup a macro file to Bloody - Import OK

Now the macro is copied to the program folder and it remains to load it into the mouse. To do this, go to the HEADSHOT section.

How to setup a macro file to Bloody - HEADSHOT
Next, go to the M-Macro tab.
How to setup a macro file to Bloody - M-Macro

Next. 1 – checkmark the macro, 2 – press the BACK button, 3 – confirm the action by pressing YES

How to setup a macro file to Bloody - M-Macro YES

Enter a macro name.

How to setup a macro file to Bloody - New File Name

Select the macro activation button (N-Key or 3-Key) and press APPLY

How to setup a macro file to Bloody - Macro Ready

Macro installation via Ultra-Core 3 was successful! The macro is loaded into the mouse and now, when you press the selected key, the macro you need will be activated.

In the same way, you can set another macro and, if necessary, switch between them by pressing N or 3-Key.

Macro installation via Ultra-Core 4.

As with the installation via Ultra-Core 3, first you need to move the macro to the program folder, you can do it the same way as described earlier, or you can manually copy the macro to the folder

Bloody7\Bloody7\Data\Mouse\English\ScriptsMacros\GunLib\Game Folder\

Next, open the Bloody program and turn on Ultra-Core 4 mode if you have not done this before.

How to setup a macro file to Bloody - Ultra Core 4

Now go to the BUTTON menu.

We change the Standard profile to any other starting with Gaming, after which, in the buttons on the right, the left mouse button will also appear.

How to setup a macro file to Bloody - Gaming2

Open the context menu of the left mouse button and select the macro you need.

After that press APPLY, the macro will be loaded into the mouse.

How to setup a macro file to Bloody - Macro has been loaded


I definitely recommend using Ultra-Core 4. In Ultra-Core 4 mode, the program works with all types of files – AMC and of course MGN (Ultra-Core 3 works only with it). In addition, you can easily install the macro on any other mouse buttons, as well as easily change the button for switching between macros using the profile change button.

4 thoughts on “Installing a macro on A4Tech Bloody mouse.

  1. merhaba,
    pubg/pubg lite için oscar macro satın almak istiyorum. Fakat nasıl yapılacağını bilmiyorum. Sattığınız makrolarda 3x 4x 6x için uygun mudur? Ayrıca bazen oyun hassasiyet ayarları değişmekte. ücretsiz güncellemeler oluyor mu?

    I want to buy an oscar macro for pubg / pubg lite. But I don’t know how to do it. Is it suitable for 3x 4x 6x in the macros you sell? Also sometimes the game sensitivity settings change. Are there free updates?

    1. Hello! For PUBG and PUBG LITE for different types of sight you will need to select the correct sensitivity, the standard value is specified in the settings. One update for each macro on your account is free (including sensitivity changes updates).

        1. A macro is written for specific settings and one set of limit modules. Changing the sight leads to a deterioration in the synchronization of the macro and the spray. Therefore, we do not seek to lay out the average settings for different sights, as this is not correct, although it is possible.

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