Free macros for WARZONE


Of course, free macros for WARZONE can’t be compared to our PRO versions of macros exactly, but they are absolutely free. In addition, the Slide Cancel macro has no analogues in principle and we distribute it for free to everyone. At the same time, you can easily experiment with various modifications of weapons.

Free LINE macro for WARZONE

Select the A4Tech Bloody/X7 or Logitech G mouse macro format you need by clicking on the appropriate picture below.

Recommended macro settings

The settings for this macro are advisory in nature. The appropriateness of the recoil of a particular weapon depends on many factors: from weapon modules, to generally all possible combinations of settings.

  • Mouse sensitivity: 5.00.
  • Mouse sensitivity when aiming: Relative.
  • Mouse acceleration: 0.00.
  • Viewing angle (FOV): 90-100.

Slide Cancel Auto Macro

Slide Cancel is a very popular feature of the Call of Duty series that allows you to use tactical running endlessly!

This technique is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Firstly, you need to press some keyboard buttons quite often, and secondly, you need to do this with a certain time interval.

We have calculated the perfect macro for Slide Cancel, which you can download for free from the links below.

Macros are designed for standard movement settings (Shift, C, W). We are sure you will be delighted.

For Logitech G, activate the macro on the mouse button 5 and turn on the button 4 while holding down the run (W).

Professional macros for Warzone

If you are serious about improving your shooting performance, then our Pro macros are what you need. What is their advantage:

  • Absolutely smooth PRO macros with a frequency of changing coordinates every 15 – 35 ms.
  • Macros controls separately from 90 to 100% of shots.
  • Macros perfectly fit the firing pattern of each specific weapon, leaving almost no recoil.
  • On, macros are regularly updated and supplemented with new versions.
  • You choose which weapon or which macro activation mechanism you want to receive in the next update through a group vote.

You can buy and download our professional "PRO" macros only:

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