Free macros for CS:GO​

Free macros for CS:GO, although they are not complete and far from the perfection of the Pro versions, they are quite enough to figure out how to install macros on the mouse and set up CS:GO, and the shots controlled by these macros are enough, to deal with one or even several opponents, it all depends on how quickly you aim at the target.

As a rule, for correct recoil stabilization in CS:GO, it is enough to enter the following values in the console:

Free macros for automatic rifles

Macro on AK47

Macro on M4A4

Macro on M4A1-S

Free macros for pistols

Pistol macros are suitable for a wide range of settings, they are presented in full versions and are absolutely free.

Deagle macro (Deagle, Desert Eagle)

Automatic macro for deagle, the main condition for this macro to work is the “crouch” action set to the “CTRL” button. When you press the mouse button, the macro crouches and automatically shoots the entire clip, maintaining a balance between the accuracy of shooting and its accuracy.

Auto macro

Automatic macro for most pistols in CS:GO. Macro suitable for pistols
p250, glock, tec-9, dual berettas​, five-seven, usp-s and p2000 for any game settings.

You can buy macros from only:

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