Free macro for PUBG

The macro pack for PUBG includes:

In our pack for PUBG you will find “universal” macros for PUBG in formats for A4Tech Bloody, X7 and Logitech G series mouses. Pack with macros for PUBG is packed in *.zip archive and can be opened by any free archiver program. Macros are presented in two versions, namely, for rifles and for pistols – machine guns.

Universal macro for all rifles

When using these macros, vertical recoil is reduced to almost nothing. Now you do not need compensators, flame arresters and any body kits that reduce vertical recoil. Ideal for use with silencer and angled handguard (if slot is available).

Universal macro for all submachine guns

As with other universal macros, with this macro for submachine guns (hereinafter referred to as “PP”) compensators and flash suppressors are not needed, with one small caveat, we recommend using a vertical handguard when firing from the Thompson Submachine Gun. For all other SMGs, we recommend using an angled handguard, silencer and extended magazine.

Macro settings

This is just one of the settings, you can choose for yourself more convenient settings for each aiming option. If you are interested in more advanced, professional versions of macros, you can find them here – professional macros.

You can buy macros from only:

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