CS:GO Macro for Bloody/X7 Mouses

5 reasons to choose CS:GO macros from promacro.ru in 2021:

Our macros for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive are calculated with perfect accuracy and will not leave you indifferent, no matter what macros you have used before.

  • Professional The (professional) macro is the most complex macro, some macros of this type have more than 150 lines in the source script.. An ideal macro for a competitive mode that combines high accuracy and maximum stealth. From the outside, this macro looks as if the spray is controlled by a professional player, however, according to the degree of control of recoil, no one can compare with this macro.
  • Sensitivity 2.0 – for higher accuracy, all macros are set to sensitivity “2.0”!

You can find the latest versions of professional macros for various games here – promacro.exaccess.com 

Demonstration scatter.

We periodically update our macros so that they most closely match the current recoil pattern in the game, as well as posting various videos on our YouTube channel.

Normal CS:GO setting for macros.

The fastest and easiest way to customize our macros for Counter Strike: Global Offensive , just set the required values through the console if the macros are for sensitivity 2.0 , then:

Reset all settings and use macro.cfg

If you:

  • when they installed third-party configs. (cfg of pro players, friends, etc.).
  • dozens of settings have been changed several times and don’t remember what it is.
  • feel an overwhelming desire to establish our config.

In 99 cases out of 100 you don’t need to do this , but if you really want, you can use macro.cfg, download it to CS: GO и set the required sensitivity (1.5 or 2.5 or 2.0 for new macros) for the macro (pre without forgetting to save your config via the console with the command – host_writeconfig).

If the sensitivity of the mouse seems too high for you or vice versa is too low, you can increase or decrease the DPI on the mouse itself, it will have no effect on macros.

Features of macros for CS:GO.

In general, macros for cs go, at the moment are one of the most complex. This is due not only to global, periodic changes in returns in the game itself, but also to the presence of different server tick rates (tickrate values are 64 or 128). We switched to a common format for all tickrates long ago, our macros provide the maximum possible return compensation for both 64 and 128 tickrates!

And now let’s highlight the main pros and cons when playing with macros in cs go. Let’s start with the minuses, not even so much with the minuses, it is rather the requirements of the player and the game itself. So, the cons and requirements:

  1. Sensitive to precise settings.
  2. Playing with them requires proper execution, for example, you can’t shoot in motion (you need to either stop quickly with a reverse strafe or crouch), you can’t start shooting after a very short pause (the weapon must have time to “cool down”).
  3. They require high accuracy of aiming, since hitboxes of players in CSGO are quite small and no matter how accurate the macros are, a very accurate and fast aiming is needed.
  4. The use of non – “Pro” (professional) macros can be seen by spectators, although even the most honest players are not blamed.

Now about the pros:

  1. In contrast to the same PUBG, the return in macros for csgo is completely controlled along both axes, i.e. residual deviation is either completely absent or insignificant and is corrected by updating macros.
  2. The number of minimum settings for the game is very small, with direct connection turned on, 2-3 commands are enough.
  3. Unlike other games, the return of weapons is constant and you do not need to think about returns with body kits, etc.
  4. You will not be banned for using the macro from the mouse memory (Bloody and X7 mice).

In conclusion.

Previously, in cs go, it was possible to check the effectiveness of compensation for returns very quickly and simply – with one command, now the game just crashes, so if you use our macros for cs go, do not forget to look at least occasionally in your inbox or in our vk.com/promacroru group, so as not to miss the next macro update for cs go.

We also remind you that you can get answers to most frequently asked questions from the FAQ section on our website.

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