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Free macro for PUBG

The macro pack for PUBG includes: In our pack for PUBG you will find “universal” macros for PUBG in formats for A4Tech Bloody, X7 and Logitech G series mouses. Pack with macros for PUBG is packed in *.zip archive and…

Free macros for CS:GO​

Free macros for CS:GO, although they are not complete and far from the perfection of the Pro versions, they are quite enough to figure out how to install macros on the mouse and set up CS:GO, and the shots controlled…

Free macros for WARZONE

Foreword Of course, free macros for WARZONE can’t be compared to our PRO versions of macros exactly, but they are absolutely free. In addition, the Slide Cancel macro has no analogues in principle and we distribute it for free to…

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