Update 2.1

Spring has come, and with it, update 2.1. And we have something to tell you.

Macros for the Logitech G Series are now available!

Logitech G Series Lua mouse macros are now available on all platforms.

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Updates in CS:GO Macros

  • Versions for 64 and 128 are now combined into one, the most effective on both tick rates.
  • Changed some prices and package bundles.

Of course, everyone who had a subscription to the updates received 128 Tickrate versions in our newsletter yesterday.

CS:GO Macros for A4Tech Bloody and X7 mouses
CS:GO Macros for Logitech G series

Macros for Call of Duty: Warzone

We released the macro pack on CoD: Warzone for the A4Tech Bloody / X7 and Logitech G mice. This pack contains a set of all the most necessary weapons.

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