CS:GO macros for Tickrate 128

Read more: Update 2.1

Previously, CS: GO-like macros on Tickrate 128 were only available through the order form. With the 2020 updates, a special series of macros for tick rate 128 has become available to everyone.

We published new macros for Tickrate 128 which showed themselves excellently in the game on servers in various leagues, such as FACEIT, ESEA and CEVO.

With this update have been published:

  • Tickrate 128 macros for AK47.
  • Tickrate 128 macros for M4A4.
  • Tickrate 128 macros for the M4A1-S.

For your convenience, they are also divided by settings into macros for sensitivity 1.5 and 2.5.

Macro demonstration

In addition, if you need macros for any other settings, you can still order them through the form on the RU site version!

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